This is an online reading tool for Cognitive Typology's Practitioner Program.
To load a video here, enter the youtube URL above and click "Add Video."

Use the checkboxes to the right to tally which signals you see. Be sure to go through the whole list to not miss any signals. Then click "Get Type Estimates" to get a percentage approximation of type. This is not an absolute value, and the vultologist will make the final verdict on type.
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FiNe: 0%
FiSe: 0%
TiNe: 0%
TiSe: 0%
NeFi: 0%
SeFi: 0%
NeTi: 0%
SeTi: 0%
TeSi: 0%
TeNi: 0%
FeSi: 0%
FeNi: 0%
SiTe: 0%
NiTe: 0%
SiFe: 0%
NiFe: 0%

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